Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Water Baby

First off let me start by saying "Happy Birthday Poopa!" Today was my daddy's birthday and I got to enjoy lunch with him on our lunch breaks. That's what i love about working right down the street from my daddy! I can truly say that I have the best daddy and Marlee is lucky enough to have the best "Poopa" in the world!

Marlee is my water baby! If she could stay at the pool all day she would! She's so easy this year, she enjoys the baby pool the most, but is starting to enjoy "swimming" in the big pool. Right now "swimming" consists of Marlee bobbing up and down and laughing! Maybe by the end of the summer she will be swimming like a big girl :)

Saturday, May 28, 2011

Future artist??

Marlee has loved to draw since she was very little, but just recently she has actually started drawing real things instead of just scribbling. This morning she ran to me to show me that she had drawn a "Potato Head," a "Dinosaur" and a "heart." They certainly aren't perfect, but i see it! I'm very proud of her! :)

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Fun at the Park with Eli

Monday night Marlee and her friend Elijah went to the park together and had a wonderful time. Marlee constantly wanted to know "What Eli doing next?" and "when Eli coming back?" whenever he would wander off. I'm an overprotective parent and just cant allow Marlee to climb all around the playground by herself. I'm scared to death shes going to fall off one of the openings or the platform. I know Marlee would rather me let her have free reign, but i just cant do it quite yet! Marlee and Mommy are going to be going to an Easter Egg Hunt this weekend with mommy's best friend "Jessca" and we cant wait!

Sunday, April 10, 2011

Spring Time Fun!

It was such a beautiful weekend, so we decided to let Marlee play in her swimming pool. She loved the pool last year and may love it even more this year! She has gotten really brave and is practicing her "wimming" by laying on her stomach and kicking her feet! She is also putting her whole head in the water and laughing! She must be holding her breath because she never has coughed! I think we will try swimmies this summer and see how Miss Priss likes them! Oh and yes Marlee wears a bow in the pool! haha. She tells me to "Put my bow on!" all the time, but she normally wont keep it in for more than 10 minutes!

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Disney World!

My mom, Kayla, Marlee and I had a FANTASTIC time at Disney World last weekend! My wild child 2 year old, was PERFECT and that doesn't happen very often! She loved meeting all of the characters and even stood in line for 2 hours to meet Mickey and Minnie! Minnie Mouse grabbed Marlee by the hand to walk her up the ramp after meeting them, but Marlee politely told her, "No, I want Mickey!" and ran back to grab Mickey's hand! I wish we could spend every day at Disney World, it was like being a child again! Enjoy this special video I made of Marlee's trip!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Fun at the Zoo

Mom, Kayla, Marlee and I spent our Valentine's afternoon at the zoo. Poor Marlee had been sick since Saturday, but was starting to feel better so we went ahead and went. She is definitely more interested in the zoo this year than last year. Her favorites were the "Monkeys" and "goats." She was very disappointed that the pig had already been put to bed when we got around to the petting zoo. I'm pretty sure that we will be buying a membership so Marlee can enjoy the zoo all spring and summer. Notice the 3 pictures of Kayla and Marlee, that is their "sassy face," "silly face," and "happy face!"

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Fun Weekend

As most of you know, Marlee was in the hospital twice last week for a nasty stomach virus that she just couldn't get over. When Marlee was discharged on Wednesday, we told her that we would make this weekend all about her!
Lastnight we went to Hollywild Zoo with "Nana" and "kayla." She did not enjoy sitting in line for almost 2 hours, but did enjoy feeding the "reindeer!" She actually fell asleep while we were feeding the goats their bottles!
Every year our neighborhood has Santa come around and give out candy canes. Marlee waited not so patiently for Santa to come today and was very excited to finally see him! She went straight to him, but decided not to talk to him this time, but she thouroughly checked him out!
We are so thankful that Marlee is starting to feel better, even though she's still not 100%. She goes back to the doctor tomorrow for a hospital recheck and hopefully everything will check out fine! We are looking forward to next weekend and seeing what all Santa brings Miss Priss!